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Casas Do Coro

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Cozy atmosphere at inviting living-rooms, panoramic views ahed our sight, valleys, mountains, hills and a land whose life has stories to tell and enjoy at adventurous trekkings and land tours (don't miss the recommended night walk from Casas do Côro!). Gourmet meals, own production wine from Casas do Côro's vineyards, a shop with irresistable scents and suggestions for the senses, jacuzzi, saunda and an impressive swimming pool sighted to town walls... All that detain us at this house and need to extend our stay emerges...

We have been there quite a few times by now and this is one of the best options to stay on the Douro river wine region. It is also perfect if you want to combine Portugal and Spain since it is quite near the border on the way to Salamanca.

From January 2015 they will have a few new rooms and a beautiful (and quite large) SPA including massages and indoor pool, worth a visit!

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