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Porto, Portugal

A riverside city with a soul of granite and some most solemn silhouettes, is a lively place with many different attributes. Classified as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, it is an old and authentic city, offering some extraordinary panoramic views and a rare mixture of architectural styles that make you feel as though you're travelling in time. When visiting the city's Romanesque cathedral, stop for a while and breathe in the Middle Ages as you admire the great mass of houses making their way down to the banks of the River Douro. A little further on, you can walk through Renaissance squares and discover baroque monuments, such as the Torre dos Clérigos, best seen in the early evening with its unforgettable silhouette. And then be sure to round off your visit in the 21st century by admiring the contemporary art works at the Serralves Museum or taking in a concert at the Casa da Música. The city has many other attractions and an interesting and varied cultural programme.

The Douro River is part of the city and one of the reasons of Porto's development, mostly because of the Wine. So while in Porto you can not miss a visit to the Port Wine caves and taste some of these magnificent wines. Or if you have more time go for a river cruise all the way up the Douro River and enjoy the breath taking scenic views before visiting a wine producer and learning more about the drink of gods!

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